Charlotte doing her 10 week work placement with Fandango!

About Me

I am Charlotte Shields and am excited to have just started my 10 week work placement with Fandango. I am now on the home stretch to completing my BA (hons) in marketing, which is a 3 year course I study at the University of Chichester.

So, about me… I am 23 years old and live locally. I have interests in screen printing, art, photography and writing which gives me a creative edge I am able to apply through my work. Of course, a massive interest of mine is marketing. I really enjoy creating content as well as learning new aspects about the digital side of marketing which seems to be changing all of the time.

I started my first year with doing a joint events and marketing BA (hons). Realising my passion was within marketing I soon dropped events going into my second year to focus solely on it.

Being a Marketing Undergrad

I am a marketing undergraduate and with having previous college accomplishments within art and design. I have a good amount of creative background. Being creative has helped me with being able to use this on different projects during my studying.

My university course has covered a range of marketing skills such as SEO, Social media management, blog writing, luxury branding and consumer behaviour. This has helped me complete projects including creating digital campaigns and presenting proposals. I am excited to put my skills to the test at Fandango and gain industry experience.

It definitely feels strange being within the final steps of completing my degree, although it’s exciting! I thought a 10-week work placement would be important within completing my degree as experience is important.

Working With Fandango & My Final Project

With working with Fandango I have the chance to see what it is like working for a real marketing agency and have the guidance from Carla and Hannah. I am able to expand my marketing skills and have the chance to use what I already know for things such as blog writing, creating content. I am able to more of an insight of SEO and how it works and is used for real clients.

Being interested in expanding upon my current skills and gain new one within my work experience which I think will really enhance my CV and final project for university. With my final project being shaped around Fandango the company it will be great to get a real insight and reflect this through my final project in a creative way.

Roll on the next 10 weeks!