Carla Forder, Fandango Digital

Carla Forder

Digital Director

T: 01243 200444
E: carla@fandangodigital.co.uk
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Carla has over 10 years’ digital marketing experience, agency-side, looking after both B2B and B2C clients across a diverse range of industries. Carla’s strategic approach is focused on delivering results. An expert in all things SEO, PPC and analytics, Carla has been described as “The Best in the South” for her digital marketing talents. Her degree in Business Studies and IT Management also comes in handy for her part in running Fandango Digital!

In her spare time, Carla can be found indulging in DIY, partaking in extreme sports or spending time with her son, though hopefully not all at the same time at least until Forder Junior is old enough to hold a hammer or throw some shapes down a ski slope.

Ideal holiday destination:
In the mountains surrounded by snow with the sun shining.

Favourite season:
Summer, love the long days and living the outdoor life.

Loves spending the weekend:
In the garden with a cold beer or camping in the forest with a cold beer!

Will retire to:
Australia or Anglesey (the climate is very similar, lol).

Gives back to society by:
Volunteering with PMRGCA to raise awareness in the UK.

Favourite cocktail:

Laptop, coffee and mobile