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Hannah Wales

Content Director

T: 01243 200444
E: hannah@fandangodigital.co.uk
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Starting off her career as a business report writer, researcher and analyst for an international publishing company, Hannah has a firm grounding in content creation. Followed by a few years working in an accounts department, replacing words with numbers, she eventually moved into marketing and discovered this was her love. Combining content and copywriting with digital marketing strategy, she ensures your message gets through to the right people. With her experience of working in internal senior marketing roles, and a stint at an agency, Hannah instinctively puts herself into clients’ shoes, seeing the picture from their perspective and delivering what they need.

Spending time with her family fills Hannah’s non-working hours, from playing the part of Mum Taxi through to gathering up children from their off piste adventures on the way down the ski slope. At the weekends, a foster dog is added to the tribe, with paw prints mixing with the trail of mud left by wellington-clad children. Also an enthusiastic gardener and with her nose in a book whenever there’s a spare moment, Hannah likes to keep busy.

Ideal holiday destination:
Whistler. Snow, sun and skis, what more could you ask for?!

Favourite season:
Snowy, cosy winters and sunny, carefree summers… difficult choice, can I have both?

Loves spending the weekend:
Gardening, dog walking and socialising.

Will retire to:
The Alps. Hot summers and idyllic winters.

Gives back to society by:
Volunteering as a weekend dog fosterer for Canine Partners, a charity that trains and provides assistance dogs for adults with a physical disability.

Favourite cocktail:
Long Island iced tea, very refreshing.

Laptop, coffee and mobile