Author: Hannah Wales

Kate’s Week at Fandango Digital

Here Kate writes about her work experience week with us at Fandango Digital… I decided to go to Fandango Digital for my week’s work experience. Before going, I didn’t really have any idea if I would enjoy it, or have any interest in it. I was also unsure what... read more

A New United College

Welcome to HSDC As students and staff return for a new academic year, we would like to wish every success to client, Havant & South Downs College (HSDC). 1st August 2017 marked the beginning of the partnership between South Downs College and Havant Sixth Form... read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Digital Marketing

We are living in the digital age, with most of us spending hours each day on our devices. It is a way to communicate, research and shop, all at our fingertips. Our love of, and reliance on, the digital world has been noticed by companies both big and small, making... read more

To Blog or Not to Blog?

Many business owners question the need for a business blog.  At Fandango Digital, we know the importance of producing high quality written blog content and see first-hand how beneficial it really is to your business, no matter what industry. Blogging... read more

5 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Business

Whether we like it or not, social media has become a big part of most people’s daily routine. Social media is more than a platform to talk to long lost friends. It is a vital marketing tool, used by businesses to engage with their audience, reaching potential... read more

Email Marketing Testing Guide

Have you ever heard people talk about A/B or split testing their email marketing and wonder what they're on about? This topic often comes up in email marketing discussions and workshops, when the testing section makes an appearance.  If you're not sure what this is... read more

The Reluctant Blogger

Want it or not, you need a blog We've already talked about why you might want to include a blog on your website,  in the earlier post "What's the Point of Blogs".  A brief reminder, blogs are an important element of your overall digital marketing strategy as they... read more

Is Social Media Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool.  So why do many businesses think it's not for them?  Let's explore... It's too technical for me Social Media platforms are, on the whole, user-friendly, and guide you through the set up process.  The tricky part is... read more

Charity Event

Today, Fandango Digital held it's very first networking event at The Pavilion, Chichester College - who very kindly donated a bottle of Prosecco for a prize draw.  The session was for local charities to get to meet one another over drinks and nibbles, and also an... read more

What’s the Point of Blogs

As Content Director for Fandango Digital, blogging often falls under my remit, and it is an area many people struggle with.  "Content is King" we are told by the marketing community, business coaches and "those in the know".  Many an entrepreneur will lament at the... read more