Benefits of SEO

Digital marketing is growing and can really improve a brand when used strategically. Improving a brand can be from awareness to sales. With digital marketing always changing, one effective approach that should be important to any marketing strategy is SEO. Search Engine Optimisation.

Did you know Search Engine Land stated that, search and email are the 2 top activities on the internet! Reinforcing that SEO is good within a marketing strategy.

Website Ranking

So, where does your website or business rank in search engines? When relative terms are searched, to be on the first page is always great. To be within the first few positions is even better.

With over 35% of all clicks on searches going to the top 3 positions, by improving your SEO you could be gaining this potentially large audience. This can heavily increase your click through’s onto your website.

Increasing traffic to your website

Statistically, SEO can cost around 61% less than marketing methods such as cold calling. SEO can increase the traffic to your website and the more traffic that is going to your website is the larger chance of them taking your call to action, whether it is signing up to a newsletter or purchasing an item.

Your website is what represents you as a brand therefore if people are visiting your website they are able to understand your products and services and learn more about you.

Cost Effective

SEO has the potential to be extremely cost effective with being able to target people who are already searching for businesses like yours. SEO can help bring this audience in and sell your brand to them. With SEO giving you the chance to target people searching for the specific terms related to you this gives the larger chance of return on investment as you are already targeting your customer market.

Brand awareness

Being within the top search ranking can also help with brand awareness. The higher you are the more likely people are to see your brand name. Brand exposure is important as it can reach your target audience, SEO can help do this effectively.

Being able to see analytics of searched and who is clicking on your website can help define the people that are coming to your website and how they are. You can learn about this audience even down to demographics.

With all of these positive aspects and benefits from SEO this really is an important marketing strategy to have for your business.

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