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To Blog or Not to Blog?

Many business owners question the need for a business blog.  At Fandango Digital, we know the importance of producing high quality written blog content and see first-hand how beneficial it really is to your business, no matter what industry.

Blogging Benefits

Content Drives Traffic

Having a blog as part of your website not only allows you to create insightful content for customers, but gives you the chance to show off everything you know, establishing your credibility as a brand whilst building customers’ trust.  Sharing blog posts on your social media platforms is a fantastic way to reach potential customers and gives them a reason to click through to your website.  Posting links to specific landing pages can be a quick way of gaining customer interest and potentially increasing conversion rates.

SEO Approved

Google loves fresh content; it is no wonder that having an up to date blog on your website can help you win the search engine ranking war against your competitors.  Well written blog posts are also a brilliant way of using keywords, these are a fundamental part of ensuring that your business can be found when searching online.

Get to Know your Customers

Blogging is an important form of dialog between you and your customers.  The tone of your written articles, to the blog titles and topics, reflect you as a brand and who your ideal customers are.  A blog allows you to speak directly to your potential customers.  It can not only build trust but also familiarity, and allow you to engage with customers through comment sections.  Always take the time to respond to any readers, building a good rapport could turn into a business conversion.

Why Call on the Professionals?

Hiring a professional content writer to produce your company’s blogs can be of great advantage, especially if you yourself do not have the time or SEO knowledge to run such an important part of your online promotion.  Any form of marketing is going to cost, however, diving into your marketing budget and investing in the help and experience of an agency or freelance content creator could see your business reaping the benefits.  A true understanding of SEO and the ability to build on your brand’s tone of voice effectively, will build a community of customers that all business owners look to achieve.

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