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Give your email marketing strategy some love and enjoy the results

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be daunting if you’re new to it.  However, this cost-effective form of direct marketing can be highly successful when properly planned.

Target, create, send, analyse, improve, repeat

Before you start your email campaign, you need to consider:

  • Who you want to email and if you have their permission to contact them
  • What message you want to get across
  • What you want to achieve from the email – what would make it a successful campaign?
  • How you will measure that success
  • How often you will send marketing emails
  • What software/platform you will use

Once you have the answers to these questions, it’s time to put a plan together, and get sending.

At Fandango Digital, we can help you to identify contacts to target, create an impelling marketing message, then analyse recipients’ actions.  We have lots of email marketing experience and are keen to work with you to achieve your objectives.  Whether you want tips and advice, or creation and management of your bespoke email marketing plan, drop us a line today.