Find your Business on the Map

How to Get Your Business on Maps

Do you keep seeing the map appear on Google search results, showing all your competitors, but you are nowhere to be found?

Do you need your business premises to be visible when your customers are searching for your location and directions?

There are two main online maps that you need to add a business listing to; Google Maps and Apple Maps.

Google Maps

Google Maps | Local SEO | Fandango Digital

Google Maps can appear on the main Google search results page (SERPs) for local searches, when people are searching using Google Maps on any device.

To add a business listing to Google Maps you need to go to Google My Business and add a new location.  Once you have gone through and added all your business information you will need to have the account verified by Google.  Google will check that you are located where you say you are, they verify this via sending a postcard with a verification code, which once received you will need to add into your account.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps | Local SEO | Fandango DigitalBusiness owners can often forget to add their businesses to Apple Maps, however with iPhones & iPads being the most popular mobiles and tablets, it is essential to get your business listed on Apple Maps.

To add a small business listing to Apple Maps you need to go through Apple Maps Connect and add your new location.  You will need an Apple ID (or create one) and, like setting up the Google Business listing, your Apple Maps listing will need to be verified, however on this occasion, you will receive an automated call with a four digit pin which needs adding to the account.

If you need help adding you business to Google or Apple Maps, get in touch and we can help you out.