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Google Grants for Charities

If you are a registered charity, then you may be eligible for an AdWords grant from Google.

Google AdWords

AdWords is the paid ad platform from Google.  On the search results page, Google ads show in the top 4 positions, therefore pushing the organic rankings down the page.  Google ads now dominate the first page above the fold, so even if you have the top organic position it doesn’t guarantee visibility.  The ideal scenario is to own as much of the first page real estate as possible, that means have an AdWords ad, organic positions, local map listing, images, videos – the more opportunities to appear the better.

The most popular AdWords model is pay-per-click, this means that every time a searcher clicks on your ad you pay, how much you pay is determined by competition, relevancy and quality.

Google AdWords Grants

If you are a registered charity, you may be eligible for a ‘free’ click budget of $10,000 USD per month.  Google runs a not-for-profit scheme, which as long as you meet the criteria will allocate you $10,000 USD to spend on running ads on Google.  There are some caveats set by Google which must be followed in order to get the ads up and running and continuing to run, for example the account must be actively managed.

Google AdWords Grantspro

If the account is managed well, there is another grant available which could give you up to $40,000 USD per month.  To be eligible for this extended grant there are a number of strict criteria you have to have achieved e.g. use conversion tracking.

How Fandango Digital Could Help

Fandango Digital has recently set up an AdWords campaign for Polymyalgia Rheumatica & Giant Cell Arteritis UK (PMRGCAuk) which has had a fantastic impact on the charity, driving an extra 15,000 visitors to the website over a three month period.

What could your charity do with thousands of extra targeted visitors to your website?  What impact would those additional visitors have on your fundraising efforts?  If your charity is eligible, this could be an opportunity too good to pass up, who else gives you $10,000 – $40,000 USD free advertising per month?

If this grant could help your charity raise awareness of your cause and increase fundraising, get in touch with our team today.


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