How google support the not-for-profit sector

If you are a registered charity then here are some tips of using google to help your non-profit business utilise the aspects and extra help you can receive digitally. Including going over the Google AdWord grant that you could be entitled to!


You can have you G-suite (email) preference toward a non-profit business. This can make it easy for team to converse and collaborate on a range of things with the possibility of also having google drive where you can easily have a shared file with your chosen team numbers.

G-suite can help create presentations, have you resources and files in one place, connect your team in one place (great for worldwide organisations) and never miss emails.

YouTube Non-profit program

Having a non-profit company YouTube account can make donations easy through videos by having this particular account. You can easily make annotations on videos that can lead the watching visitor to your website and learn more about you. Having videos within the non-profit sector can shape your brands story and what you are about.

Google One Today

Google One Today can help you visual fundraising projects to send to people and can a management system for these. It can be an easy step for people to donate to your organisation with no transaction fees. Google One Today can give you the option to share through social media and the actual app therefore reaching a range of audiences.

Google Earth Out Reach

Using Google Earth Outreach can help you keep sensitive data, particularly your location private. By having a non-profit business, you also have the possibility of gaining 100 free map credit that will help you grow your audience. You are also able to collect as well as showcase imagery of your location to Google Street View.

Google AdWords

One that we think could be viable to your non-profit business and can be utilised well is the GoogleAd grant. Google AdWords is Pay Per Click advertising through google search. Within google search the top 4 placements that are usually advertisements are a representation of AdWords. Every time a user searches relevant/associated terms and clicks on your advertisement then the amount you pay for each click is determined on the ad quality, your competitors and relevancy.

Google gives you the chance of applying got a £10,000 Google Ad budget that you receive monthly to utilise for your registered charity. This can help you gain brand awareness and grow your audience. There are some rules and regulations that you need to be meeting with management of the AdWords account but this can be a great asset to use!

How we can help you

We have success in helping charities apply for the grant, setting it up for them and managing it. Recently helping St Wilfrid’s Hospice set one up and managing it for them.

If this or any other aspects sound like something you would like more information on, then feel free to get in touch with our team today!