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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing as a technique for advertising

New techniques of advertising come out every year. One that seems to be doing well is influencer marketing. With many bloggers hitting social media this has deemed to be the perfect time that companies have been able to utilize this digital movement and use the bloggers and social media influencers to market their product through.

Due to visuality becoming a large trend within social media platforms Instagram has been the favourite and most used platform for influencers for 3 years running according to marketingprofs.

Influencer marketing gives companies the chance to work with outside bloggers and influencers that gives the chance to open and market the company toward new audiences and raise awareness of a brand in a new market that the possibly didn’t market toward before.

Using your marketing budget for Influencer Marketing

It is argued that for certain companies’ influencer marketing should now be within the marketing budget and implemented consistently as to increase brand awareness and have the possibility of increasing consumer trust by using the correct influencers. Using the correct influencers is always important, you have to see what other companies they work with and what they stand for while advertising for you they will be representing your brand and this needs to reflect on your brands ethics.

The benefits

A one-off post can of course benefit your company short term and help you see immediate results but companies that utilise the benefits and put into place a long-term influencer strategy have the potential to see longer term results and make more of an impact on the chosen audience as if your advertisements are coming up regularly then the audience is more likely to remember you and you have a larger possibility of making behavioural changes in the target audience.

Of course, you can’t forget that influencer marketing isn’t all about utilising social platforms. Influencer marketing can involve blog writers as well, it’s just about finding the correct influencer to reflect and represent you.

There are a range of potential influencers you could use that will fit your budget whatever the size. When thinking about influencers do you think hundreds of thousands of followers? Well, there are also micro-influencers who have a lower follower count but can be just as useful with reaching new audiences and having an impact on these.

Marketing Strategies

When creating marketing strategies, it is easy to focus mainly on one, but with influencer marketing you should have other structured marketing strategies behind so you can raise brand awareness and keep the brand consistent on all levels therefore helping increase brand trust.

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