Kate | Fandango Digital

Kate’s Week at Fandango Digital

Here Kate writes about her work experience week with us at Fandango Digital…

I decided to go to Fandango Digital for my week’s work experience. Before going, I didn’t really have any idea if I would enjoy it, or have any interest in it. I was also unsure what exactly SEO involved. After my week’s experience, it was clear to me what the job involved. It has now helped me to have a clearer idea of what I actually would like to do in the future. I think having a week’s experience is crucial, because it sets you up for your future and gives a real perspective of what working is actually like.

SEO tasks I carried out

During the week, I learned how to use WordPress (an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP). I found being able to edit websites really fascinating. Also, I attended 3 client meetings which will help me in the future, because I now know what to expect. It means I will be prepared if, and when, I attend any meetings in the future. I was taught how to properly write and lay out a blog and I then managed to write 2 blogs during the week. The first blog was on places to go on holiday in November, and the other was on places to go to see the northern and southern lights. All the research I did for the blogs was really interesting and I didn’t even know there were southern lights!

Note from the Fandango Team: Kate, thank you for all your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm this week. You’ve done a great job, and it’s been a pleasure to have you working as part of the team.