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Lets Talk About Dying…

Maybe the title is a little misleading, but dying is inevitable, and something that we should all discuss with our loved ones.

It is becoming more common for people to discuss their end of life wishes when they are fit and healthy.  I was recently part of a conversation over a Chinese takeaway where the conversation turned to planning our funerals which, as morbid as that may sound, was actually quite enlightening.  I, myself, am now considering the benefits of planning my own funeral.

This got me thinking about how you market to those people who may be considering planning their funerals, or who haven’t considered it yet but you want to get them interested.  The obvious marketing strategy will be to target the recently bereaved, but how do you target the living with no immediate need for your services without it coming across as morbid?

How Digital Marketing Can Help You Promote Pre-Planned & Pre-Paid Funerals

Angel Statue | Fandango DigitalWith so many options available for funerals, from colourful photo coffins to stunning memorials, actually planning your funeral could be a little fun.


Creating a strong Digital Marketing Strategy means you can target the right audience at the right time, on the right platform with the right message.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Funeral Suppliers

The essential element of your digital marketing strategy will be having a website that people will find.  To do that you need your website to be optimised for search engines, so that they can find your content, crawl it and then index it, so that when a user searches for a relevant query the search engine will show your website in the results.

You need to have great content on your website about the services you offer and getting the tone right is really important.  Use blogs to showcase informal content, for example, create a blog post about bucket lists, most unusual hearses or the world’s most stunning graveyard locations.

Pay-per-click (PPC) is another strategy to consider.  When it’s set up correctly, PPC advertising is really successful at getting you seen by people who are looking for what you provide.  It’s a quick win method and you can turn it off at any time, for example when you’re drowning in enquiries!


Promote your content using email campaigns, and dare I say it, social media.  Encourage people to talk about their wishes with friends and family.  When the time comes, loved ones will know how to celebrate the deceased’s life the way they wanted them to, that person’s wishes can come true.

Using Digital Marketing you can start the conversation and get people to think about what they want when the time comes, and raise awareness of pre-planned and pre-paid funeral plans.