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360 Virtual Tours

360 virtual tours allow a user to virtually view your premises/location by using their screen/mouse/touchpad to move around your premises from the comfort of their own home.  User can ‘walk’ through your premises by clicking the a part of the images and they can look around 360 degrees. This gives the user a good understanding of what your premises looks like and then they can make the decision to come and visit you in person.

How much does it cost for a 360 virtual tour?

One of Fandango Digital’s team will pop along to your premises and take all the imagy required.  They will take the images away and then turn them into a 360 virtual tour of your premises.

For an uncomplicated premises, i.e. a shop or café on one level, prices start from £200 + VAT, speak to one of our team today to get a quote for your premises.

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Do Virtual Tours Help SEO?

The bigger question should be ‘Do Virtual Tours Help My Customer’? If the answer is yes, then it will help your SEO.  Getting a customer to engage in your website will help your SEO.  We also know that Google gives credit to those sites which have great quality content and provide that content in different types of media.

Google Maps – Google My Business

Google search results are a blended mixture of organic results, paid search ads, knowledge boxes, people also ask, rich snippets and Google Map Listings.

There are so many opportunities to grab a searchers attention now, it’s no longer about simply ranking your site well organically and traffic will follow.

For any business which has a physical location where your customers may visit, your Google My Business Listing is vital.  Your Google My Business (GMB) listing drives the data in Google Maps and the business listing knowledge panel.

Your GMB listing can have all your basic business information listed, for example, your address, contact details, website address, opening hours, facilities, and business description.

You can personalise the listing by adding your logo, photos and virtual tours.

Google Street View

Back in 2007 Google started building up their street view imagery in USA, and in January 2009 us Brits got super excited that the Google Street View Cars were heading across the pond.

Many a happy searcher got excited when they spotted the car heading down their street and couldn’t wait to see if they were going to be famous and some people even getting caught doing things they shouldn’t be!

Once the novelty had settled down, Google street view became part of a users everyday experience.  Whether a searcher was looking at their own street, have a look at their friends street/house or working out a location of somewhere they wanted to visit, it has become a valuable resource.

In particular, for those searchers viewing a location that they are thinking about visiting. Google street view gives the user a view of exactly where the entrance is located and what it looks like.

When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time, so it is essential that your listing is up to date.

Google Street View will only take a user past your entrance, however, Fandango Digital can create additional street view 360 virtual tours inside your entrance, taking a searcher on a virtual tour to your front door.  This footage can then be used on your Google My Business listing.

Google Virtual Tours

So, you have Google Street View to your entrance and then you have additional footage which takes the user on that virtual journey to your front door. Why stop there?

Invite the searcher inside your business premises, let them have a good look around your shop, workshop, showroom, tourist attraction, place of interest or even your office.

We know that business listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest, with 41% of these place searches on average resulting in an on-site visit (source).

Fandango Digital 360 Virtual Tours

The team at Fandango Digital live and breath search. So, with our knowledge of search with the expertise of creating 360 virtual tours we are best placed to know what a searcher is looking for, how we can engage those searchers and turn those into customers.

TRUST – a term that is so important in all aspects of our lives.  Online trust is hard to gain, it is human instinct to look someone in the eye, look at body language and listen to them.  When searching online, we don’t have those signals, however there are other signals that we can use to build trust.  Having up to date content, clearly showing your address, telephone number, email address and company number, having reviews and spending time on creating content (including video and images).  Having a well optimised Google My Business listing which includes a 360 virtual tour and images are twice as likely to generate interest as one without.

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