Ways to Use Pokémon Go For Small Business Marketing

Recently launched in the UK, and with some really interesting data emerging, we felt we needed to explore how the new augmented reality game Pokémon Go could be used as a digital marketing tool.

SimilarWeb are stating that users in the US are spending 43 minutes a day playing on Pokémon Go.  Convert that into calories burnt, an average male would burn 1,795 and an average woman would burn 1,503 calories playing Pokémon for 43 minutes a day.

Having been installed by 6% of all Android devices in the US, and surpassing Twitter in the number of daily active users, the app is quickly becoming the most successful app of all times.

Pokemon Go and Other Apps Data | Fandango Digital

So we have established that people are going crazy over Pokémon Go and there potentially could be a health benefit as it gets people out of the house and walking, but how long will it last and how can businesses benefit from the craze?

Using Pokémon Go for Digital Marketing

Pick a Team

Trainers are allowed to pick one of three teams: Valour (red), Mystic (blue), Instinct (yellow). These teams compete to take over ‘gyms’.

Pick your team and you can encourage your customers/staff to join your team and they can receive a discount e.g. 10% off if you’re in our team.

If you’re lucky to have a ‘gym’ very close to your business, then you can challenge customers.


Offer discounts to any Pokemon trainers.

Play Pokemon Go

Play the game, encourage your staff to play the game and share on social channels and encourage Pokemon chat.

Local Pokestops & Gyms

Give away samples of your products in Pokestops or gyms where people are gathering.

Have a Pokemon Party for less than £1ph

Invest in a few Lure modules and have a Pokemon Party.  Basically the Pokemon will come to your location.

A great example of how a micro-brewery has done just that.

Pokemon Lure Party | Fandango Digital

You buy Lure Modules using Pokecoins. As with anything buying in bulk is more cost efficient. So if you buy 14,500 Pokecoins for £79.99 you can buy 21 eight-packs of lures which last 0.5hr each – which will give you 84 hours of lure parties.  This means that each hour you host a lure you pay 95p. Run a party for a few hours and it will be the cheapest marketing you have ever done!

Social Media Campaign

Run a social media campaign getting your customers to post & share pictures of a Pokémon on your business premises, in return for a free coffee.  This can encourage social engagement and build followers.

Pidgey Pokemon in Fandango Digital Office