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Why Your Business Should Be Blog Writing

A blog can be simple and easy to use, and easily connected to your website or set up through your website. With an informing blog, there really are many benefits of having one.

So, what can a blog do for you?

A blog is seen as valuable content. Constantly updating content on your website by utilising your blog well, can help with organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This also gives you the chance to enhance your content marketing strategy by always having content updated on your website. Google loves fresh content!

Businesses that blog have a higher possibility of reaching their intended market, whether it be Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C). HubSpot stated that buyers will look through and read content before making a purchase decision. Therefore, having a well-written blog can help move along the buying process and increase consumers.

Does a blog need an image?

Original written content is important for your business, and can be very effective. Of course, visuality is important, so why not choose some pictures to go along with your blog and make it more appealing to readers? Pictures within blogs can break up heavy text and make it more readable for the consumer.

Blogs should be the core of your content marketing strategy

Blog writing can keep the focus within a well-planned content marketing strategy. By blogging frequently and consistently, it can help shape a content marketing strategy and gain visitors to your page. With the possibility of gaining visitors to your site through a good blog, there really are positives of having one!

Within the blog you can write about parts of your business that maybe aren’t getting as many views and include links to these pages to encourage converting the reader into a customer!

What should you blog about?

A blog gives you the chance to tell your brand story and update consumers on your business and brand. Updates can include any events that may be coming up, or you can even blog about a new member of the team.

Blogs give you the chance to inform readers about yourself and what the brand is about, and can give you the possibility of sharing your own knowledge while self-marketing your company and services.

Remember, a blog will be seen as the voice of your company, so the tone should reflect that well.

Blog writing can be fun, and if you enjoy writing it really is beneficial to businesses to have one. To learn more about how we can help you to improve website content and blogging, contact us here!